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30 years of… What??

Hello Lovelies,

Broadcasting live from Trois-Rivieres, land of my ancestors (ok, just my parents and my bestfriend) I just had to come and leave a little note since my fingers itched from not-writing yesterday.

And what kept me away from the keyboard, you might ask? Well yesterday was my late Christmas party at J’s (my bestfriend’s) house. We had arranged for me to evade Montreal by bus (since she refuses driving past the official limits of the city) and she was to pick me up in Repentigny, an acceptable meeting point for her big-city-driver’s skills…

J gave me a lift back to her condo, where we had arranged to have dinner together and (we hadn’t talked about it, but I just knew we would) exchange Christmas gifts.

I started noticing odd clues that the evening might not go exactly as planned while we were still on the road. There seemed to be an intricate arranging of her boyfriend, her parents and her sister wanting to come over and just say hi….

Now, being bestfriends with her for the last 30 years, needless to say that I know them all very well. But something just felt weird about the sudden urge to meet. ย I was happy at the idea of seeing them all, but my mind was puzzled. Why did our one on one night turn into a family party all of a sudden?

Everybody arrived, we hugged and kissed and made ourselves comfortable around the kitchen table. Chit chatting over cheese and crackers, everything was going smoothly when J said;

  • I have a surprise for you… Come in the living room and cover your eyes!

I executed myself, thinking it was time for my Chritmas present, and my curiousity grew rapidly when I felt that everybody had followed us and taken place on the bog couch and all around the place…

J is not your average type of bestfriend. No wonder I am hugging her back from any other friend who should try to take my Number One place.

Here’s what I had in front of me when I opened my eyes…


J had arranged with her whole gang of Santa’s Helpers to gather 30 gifts for me, to celebrate our 30 years of friendship, on the 30th of December!

*Jaw drop*

We spent over an hour, me unwrapping gifts while we all talked and joked around and had a (much needed, to wash down the emotions) Christmas drink. 30 gifts, in itself, would have been enough to make me shed a tear, knowing all the work behind gathering so many things and gift wrapping and everything…

But of course, J had to go the extra mile…

Most of the thirty presents were homemade. Knitting, woodworking, painting and cooking… Everybody had worked on hand made presents… I was totally wowed at the amount of work put into the whole thing.

Here is the result of the unwrapping.



Needless to say I was speechless!

I still am…



P.S. To all of you who left messages in the Cove yesterday, I’ll get back o you as soon as ย I get to my parent’s house, later today. Useless to say I had no time to do so yesterday… lol

4 thoughts on “30 years of… What??

    1. I have been spoiled rotten!! There are no words to say how fabulous J is. Envolving her whole family was incredible… I’ll post seperate pictures of the homemade everything, I am sure you’ll be jealous of my knitted cat mittens and scarf, they’re to die for!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I am beyond lucky to have those people in my life…


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