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Stupid warnings…

I LOOOVE stupid warnings.  Stupid warnings mean some people were stupid enough to do stupid things that companies had to warn those same people against, in order to avoid getting sued.

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So here is my evening soup.


Ok, I hear the complaints of the “only home made soup will go passed my glorious lips” lobby, and I understand. But sometimes, I just don’t have time to make soup… Like a last minute craving for soup…. Ughhh… Just let me be, ok??

If you read closely you’ll find 2 interesting mentions:

Once hot, handle bowl with caution.

I say they should have gone for “Handle bowl with caution.” Period. You never know what a moron can do with the bowl before heating the soup… Stupid people tend to be creative!

Do not hold bowl by lid.

Which is not a bad advice if you ask me… The lid is pretty cheap, and it is true that it is looking like trouble to trust it entirely… BUT…!

Have a look at this:


Yeah, that’s the soup, with the lid on.

Do you see the same thing I see? Or should I say… Do you not see the same thing??

The “Don’t hold by the lid” warning!! What prevents me from mayhem nowwwww?????


I know… Some people use their brains to build spacecrafts and cure diseases. I.obviously.don’t.


9 thoughts on “Stupid warnings…

  1. I often wonder about those warnings…who were the people that actually held that hot soup by the lid? Why did they mess about with the handles? What were they thinking to pour hot coffee all over their laps? Didn’t they KNOW coffee in a hot steaming cup is hot? were they testing the temperature? Were they trying to see if that brew was real coffee or perhaps something else in their coffee cup? Maybe it was soup! Why did my microwave come with the warning “do not place cat in the microwave?” How come the stove says “do not allow children to stand on the hot door”? Why did the freezer come with the warning “heavy. Be cautious when moving”? Who ARE these stupid people that cause companies to place warnings on things that just aren’t usually hostile and dangerous to humans? I would expect a warning on….say………an alligator. or a Lion. But don’t place cat in microwave????? really??????

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    1. LOOOOL Exactly…

      If I had more time… Or found a way to pay bills without going to the office every other dang day, I would concentrate on a “Stupi warnings” chronicle. It just amazes me.

      I think humans are loosing their ability to use a brain properly. It is sad.

      “Caution, wet floor” ok… I don’t expect the floor to be wet. I might slip because of my unawareness of that sudden and unexpected wetness, but “Heavy. Be cautious when moving.” a fridge???

      And I wonder… there is no warning on my oven telling me not to store the cat in it… But the microwave does. Is it ok to put Freja in the oven?

      I’ve checked all my T-shirts, and none of them is labelled “do not swallow”… Would that mean that I could actually eat one??


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  2. what sort of special does a person have to take a bath while using a curling iron? or a regular clothing iron for that matter? I pulled out the iron this morning and there on the box is “do not use in water”…….Who does these things???????

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