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I’m dreaming…



Some of you are dreaming of a white Christmas. I know, because you told me so, after the latest Picture Battle.

I am hoping we’re talking about snow white Christmas, because I would be very disappointed if so many of you Lovelies proved to be racist!

Well we are having a very white one, as shown on the above picture, taken minutes ago from the living room’s window. I wouldn’t want to make you even more jealous, but it IS the perfect snow for a Christmas Eve day too.

Snow isn’t just snow. It comes in very different forms… To give those of you who don’t experience snow at home an idea, Innus have about 50 words to describe different types of snow. It can be sticky, powdery, tiny or giant flakes…

Today’s is, as I said, perfect for the occasion. Big chuncky snowflakes, falling slowly since there is no wind, and sticking to anything it’ll fall on. It makes anything and everything look like a Christmas ornament, and although it also tends to make streets slippery, it does have a lot of charm.

I should be preparing to hit the road soon… We do have about an hour and a half of driving to do. But I thought I’d just drop this quick post so you can look at the picture, and pretend you too are just looking out the window!

And just in case I would get caught in the Holiday frenzy when I get to my parents’ home… I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, white or not! Enjoy time with your loved ones, eat well, have a good laugh or two, and for the grumpy ones in the corner, remember that it’ll all be over soon 😉

*Hugs and warm kisses from Freezingland!*


16 thoughts on “I’m dreaming…

  1. Hail! If you’d rather enjoy Hail, then we’ve gotten our fair share of here in Denmark. Not into Hail? Then wind and rain, then Hail again. What a Country, but Snow? No Snow on the Horizon……Not even in Copenhagen.

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      1. You are so welcome. Living in Wisconsin, our winters can be harsh. You never know what the roads will be like. Lucky for us we have excellent snow removal, but our property taxes are high so it better be darn good! LOL! Happy New Year

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      2. A happy new year to come to you too!! 🙂

        I am so happy we came back yesterday… You were talking about tricky road conditions… Yesterday, we drove on dry asphalt, clear of any snow… Today, same time, we’re waiting for new snow to be plowed, and now we’re getting freezing rain on top of it…. Urghh!

        Here’s a video taped 3 weeks ago… Makes me giggle every time, you just can’t fight nature 😉


      3. As long as I have a warm coat and a car that doesn’t get stuck, I’m good. I have a 17 year old and I worry about him driving in bad weather. He has a land yacht aka a 1994 Cadillac Coupe De Ville, with front wheel drive, so he should be okay.

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