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Warm wishes… The sequel



A year ago , I was wishing my warm Christmas wishes to the few Lovelies who had joined the Cove back then.

Now things are a lot different, with much more action… And I thank you all for that! Without your visits and your interaction, it just wouldn’t be as much fun!

I found my paper from last year’s post, and corrected it… for Christmas 2016, I offer you 4 fingers, that’s the double since last year!


Happy Holidays, Lovelies! Last year, I got two “likes” for this picture…  Can we beat that this year? 😉




3 thoughts on “Warm wishes… The sequel

    1. No worries 😉 Liking me once suffices me 🙂 If you liked me twice, it might go to my head 😉 LOL

      Ok… I will still consider you liked me twice, just for my own pleasure!


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