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The sound of fall…



Some people like the sights of winter… The whiteness of snow on bending fir trees’ branches. The Christmas colorful lights firing up the freezing nights, starting mid-November, and lingering until mid January…

Some people crave the feeling of Spring… The warmth of the first rays of sunlight on their bare arms again. The tickling of the new grass under a brushing hand. The sweetness of a first kiss, announcing puppy Summer love…

Some people wait all year for the smell of Summer… The different flowers battling to catch the pedestrians’ attention. The appetizing drafts of a neighbour grilling steak on the BBQ. The warming scent of a bonfire lit in the middle of the night…

I like the sound of Fall… The wind in the trees, taking the leaves with it, one by one. The crunching of my feet on the yellow, orange and red carpet covering the sidewalks. Even the flicking of early November rain, on the living room’s window panes, while I am wrapped in my favorite blanket, sipping on tea…




12 thoughts on “The sound of fall…

      1. I’ll spend more time sipping my hot chocolate and snuggling in my blanky this year… And if chΓ©ri complains, I’ll tell him I’m enjoying it for you πŸ™‚

        A girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do, hehehehe


  1. This was so beautiful. It was amazing how you took us through each season! I prefer fall as well… for all the reasons you articulated. I am missing fall now though because California autumn is not quite the same as the midwest. Thank you for giving me a taste of it with your writing! Hugs! xo

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