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Silence radio…



What’s going on Cyranny… Some might wonder.


Didn’t notice I was quiet? That’s ok… I wasn’t expecting policemen knocking on my door, to check if I was alright. But it isn’t like me to go 24h without posting…

I am trying to catch up on reading. There are many Meet & Greet parties going on this weekend, and I had to postpone reading posts from many of you Lovelies… And although I have tons of things to say, it is time to listen to you…

So I’m asking for your help… I won’t be able to go through everything all the Cove’s Lovelies have done this week. Take a second to link in your personal favorite post of the week in the comments below… Please do!

Ok, I’ve already lost enough reading time as it is…

Get your “copy-paste” ready, and I’ll make sure to visit. Who knows? You might get a few extra readings in the process…. ๐Ÿ™‚

An awesome weekend to all of you!

5 thoughts on “Silence radio…

  1. oh cool! a new excuse for not going through every single blog post! woot! ya know…there are bloggers out there that LIVE to see your comments on their posts…each and every single solitary one of them young lady! Now, back to work! lol

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