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Joyeux anniversaire!

Good morning my friend,

Today’s a very special day, and I couldn’t have let it go by without a mention. It is not yet the 24th here in Montréal, but the day has turned on the Eastern coast of the Atlantic, and though you are asleep as I type these words, you’re already the star of the day, even if you’d rather pass your turn…

A few months ago, you told me what my birthday would have been like if I had lived in Denmark… Things are different here, in so many ways, and we don’t have as many traditions, but I think I could find ways to make today memorable!

First, if you lived in Montréal, you wouldn’t have had to go through the plannin of your birthday celebrations. You might have had your word to say about a few details, but usually all the preparation is done by family and friends, and you have nothing to worry about, especially for an important turn of decade…

I could have booked in a fancy restaurant, or something like that and invited your friends and family to arrive early to be all set to welcome you and scream the usual



But I know that’s not what you would have liked…

So I thought we could take advantage of this great time of year in Québec. And I decided that instead of fancy dining with a ton of people, and drinking, and talking loud all night, I could prepare a nice picnic basket, and we could visit a place I’ve been to time and time again.

La Mauricie National Parkdscf9346


I agree that the hills are in no way comparable to California’s famous mountains, but the scceneries are pretty amazing, and the trekking probably less demanding, giving more time for chit chat.


We could rent a canoe, and go paddling for a while, but you have to promise you’ve done it before, and know how to keep your balance! My two last experiences were with friends who couldn’t, and though a canoe flipping in mid-August’s warm water can be an endless source of funny anecdotes, at the end of October, it might just add a free trip to the closest hospital for a bad case of hypothermia to your birthday fun! And I am pretty sure riding a yellow ambulance wrapped in a foil blanket wouldn’t be the best way to remember turning 60!

Remember that time we sunk the canoe in Wapizagonke lake, loosing all our sanwiches and salads to the freezing water! You looked really silly with your blue lips! Hahahahah Good times!!

No. Let’s stick to walking through the woods and up the hills then, wouldn’t you agree? We could find a picnic table, or just a park bench, and enjoy the fresh Autumn smell of the moist leaves and the moss on the ground…



There would be no banners, and no confettis thrown in your face, but I would have a little surprise in my basket…



I know, I’m no into sweets, but I can bake when I put my heart to it… And I am sure you’d appreciate this Dr Pepper chocolate cake! And I promise not to put a single candle on it 😉

Here’s a little video, to show where we could finish our walk, after the “feast”…


On a more realistic note, I know I won’t have the liberty of participating in your birthday. I wish I could wish you a great day “live”. But I know the timing is awefull, and I’ll keep my good wishes virtual, but know that it wasn’t my first choice! 🙂

I hope you’ll have a great day! I’m sure the people closest to you will find all kinds of ways to make you feel special! Enjoy your day, you deserve the extra attention. Even if you could do without it… Fjollet dig!

Bonne fête, mon cher!


12 thoughts on “Joyeux anniversaire!

    1. That park is absolutely awesome all year long, but at this time of year, it is breathtaking… A must see for wildlife lovers 🙂

      Thanks for the wishes… I’ll redirect them to the birthday boy 🙂

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