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I left a little of me in København’s heart…

Five months ago, I was spending my last day in Copenhagen. Did I hear some heavy sighing in the back?? Go back to my About page, and come and tell me I haven’t warned you about Denmark!

So, five months ago, at this very moment of the day, I was walking around town, watching Tivoli’s lights at night, and trying to pack up on as many memories as I could…

I had just left a terrace on Kultorvet (actually Kultorvet Restaurant) where I had spent a long time watching pedestrians go by, and chatting with Ib and my little brother over my meal and a nice glass of Pinot Noir (rien de moins)…

If you are in Copenhagen and want to experience Danish cuisine, it might not be the easiest search since most Danes probably don’t go out to eat Danish meals…  But Kultorvet Restaurant was a nice discovery, and here’s the feast I was served…



Frikadeller, with potatoes, a salad, red cabbage and pickles. Note that Danes loooove their potatoes, and so do I, and the servings are more than generous 😉

But enough about my last meal… Let’s get back to the main reason of this post, shall we?

So, let’s back up just a few hours more… in the afternoon of this beautiful day in the streets of Copenhagen.

I had yet to visit Christiania. It was a must on my list, and I had kept it for last, afraid to fall in love with the place, and ask locals to let me in their micro-society and grant me the right to never leave DK…

I was charmed by the coolness and the ever present zen attitude. The very colorful city-in-the-city doesn’t allow pictures to be taken, and I could have sneaked and taken a few photos anyway, but I just felt I needed to respect the privacy of the people welcoming me there.

I walked for a long time through the “village” and then by the water, trying to imagine what it would be like to build my nest in a place like Christiania… And then I remembered I had my last date with Nyhavn.

You know Nyhavn. Even if you think you don’t know Denmark at all, you know Nyhavn. If I show you a picture like… let’s say this one…




Looks familiar? How about this one?




Ever saw these bright colorful buildings by the water before? Of course, you have! You just didn’t know it was Nyhavn…

Like in Paris, or in Annecy (both in France), lovers have started to put locks on Nyhavn’s short bridges years ago, to express a love they hope will last forever… During my trip, I had the idea of leaving a lock of my own, to represent my love in Denmark. A promise to return someday, sooner or later, and walk the same streets, and embrace the Danish way of living again.

My last day in Copenhagen was perfect for the little ritual I had prepared, and after taking a few pictures of the sun setting on the city, I took my little lock, and wrote on it to make my intentions clear… I locked my lock, I threw the key in the water, and I made my promise…




No matter time or distance…

I’ll be back. I will. Never forget that, Denmark!




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