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WP conspiracies… Or not!

This week, something weird happened to me.

But let me start by explaining something that happened 18 years ago, changing my life forever. (I know, how dramatic uh?)

So, in 1998, I went to the movie theater with some friends to see The Truman Show. I  loved the film, and thought that was about it when I returned home.

My oh my, was I wrong!

My subconscious was forever marked by the story. And I slowly but surely developped an obsesssion that someone or something was observing my (boring) life. Oh, I don’t think about it everyday, but when something weird happens, I always have a thought for Truman, and I feel paranoiac.

Last week, I noticed a “the blogs I follow” section in a blog I visit regularly. I knew it was there, but I hadn’t paid any attention to it in the past… Now looking at it more closely, I found out that all the blogs mentionned were blogs I also followed.

I had a paranoia attack. How could this blogger be following the exact same blogs I liked? Why? Was it really just coincidence? If not, how could he put his hand on the list of bloggers that interested me?

I checked the list a few times during the week, hoping to see a blog name that didn’t ring a bell… Without luck!

Yesterday night, I hit the “follow” button a few times after some time reading new writers…  And this morning, I couldn’t help but check out the “blogs I follow” list once more.


The new additions to my daily readings were at the top of the “blogs I follow” section!! I got chills down my spine. Not that there is anything scary about people wanting to read the same thing I did, but the “hows” and “whys” were killing me.

I asked for help from a dear other blogger friend, and asked her to have a look at the “blogs I follow” list herself, to see what would happen. She had the same “OMG!” reaction rightaway. The list displayed all the last bloggers she had been following recently.

I understood. This widget (or whatever it is called) seems to be dislaying the visitor’s latest followings…

My question to WordPress is the following (lol); Why??

I know who I am following, I don’t need to be reminded on other bloggers’ sites. What’s the use for it? Other than making people like me paranoiac, I mean…

At least, now I know that my Truman syndrome is still not founded, yet!

Dang WP!  lol

13 thoughts on “WP conspiracies… Or not!

  1. maybe they just like the same ones you do? There’s another blogger on WP that I follow who has most of the same blogs on his “following’ list. We just thought it was funny. We both laugh at the same stuff, cry at the same stuff, so it just….(sorry) followed that we follow the same blogs.

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      1. 🙂 Just stating the truth… Linda had talked about you, and trusted her good words. But now I can see for myself what a fun person you are! Glad to have you in my WP network 🙂

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  2. Sometimes I think Jim from the American version of The Office had it made – you make a joke that is gold and no one around you thinks it is funny? Give a little smirk to the camera. I would hate being followed around (and it’d be mostly dull for others) but sometimes I think a joke deserves a laugh … Then again, maybe I’m just cracking not so funny jokes.

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    1. What is funny, and what’s not so funny? Humor is such a personal thing 🙂 But I sure like your unusual sense of humor! And I am waiting for your next postcard… lol


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