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Nombril de semaine…


Happy Wednesday Lovelies,

Today started on a weird note…  Not that I didn’t know why I felt on the low side, but since the reason for it happened, I always found a way to shake off the blues in the morning… But with a little boost from some of you, I finally got my smile back this afternoon, and it is time to share some posts and create new links in this bloggosphere of ours!

So, first of all, me! Yeah, sometimes, you have to be your own bestfriend, and that is why I want to give out this link again… I’ve been working on my travel blog everyday lately. Not necessarely posting, but working on the ping backs to other days, and linking it to Facebook and Twitter to try to give it more exposure… It is still pretty quiet, but I am confident people will come and join the journey sooner or later 🙂 If you’d like to see nice pictures and follow me around, or if you’re just into fun facts about Denmark, make sure to click and have a look!

The Turtle’s Journey


Even if his main blog “Everything in and around Denmark” is still pretty much on pause, Notthedane56 is still active with his traveling one. This is not his latest post, but one I really enjoyed. Reflections about meeting back with your “home” country after a number of years spent in your “adoptive” country…

Traveling reflections


Linda isn’t a compulsive poster, like me… But when she hits the “publish” button, it is sure to be worth reading! She’s a guaranteed source of giggles. Don’t drink and read, you have been warned! A while back, she did the A to Z Challenge, under the theme of things she is greatful for. Here’s letter A and you’ll see that it sets the tone!

A is for Assholes


Nikki’s blog is an ode to kindness, and her posts are often very inspiring. She is one sweet blogger to exchange with! I have to share this post, because I feel the exact same way about the WordPress community! Here, I feel that it is more about people than just about blogs, and I never felt any competition since I joined in… So, be kind, and pay Nikki a visit, if you don’t already follow her 🙂

Nikki’s kind thoughts


Mack is one bubbly blogger, and I like her a lot. Maybe it is the California effect, but she just brings a bright halo with her when she visits the Cove, and it is always appreciated! If you like California, or just traveling from your couch, try this post, first of two, which takes you on a week of discovery with Mack and her BFF. Tons of beautiful pictures and informations that will make you feel like you’re walking along the happy duo!

Mack’s perfect week (part one)


Komal is still pretty new to the Cove, but she made a big entrance, interacting a lot as soon as she joined in! And I love that. I don’t make rules in the Cove, I just decorate the walls and you decide the rest. Whether you just come and go, take a seat and stay for a while, just read in silence or speak up, it’s all good to me! But I admit to be extra happy when I have a comment to read, and Komal’s face pops often in my inbox… Thank you Komal!! Here’s an interesting post about how virtual connections are affecting our real life interactions, and how it is good to sometimes leave the Internets behind to meet face to face…

Can we meet? – In person please!


You know the song! Click around, visit these bloggers, Like them if you do and leave them a little note if you enjoy their work! And leave me your favorite links, posts that you have written, or from bloggers you feel deserve to be read 🙂

And have a great week! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Nombril de semaine…

  1. Wow! Thanks so much for including me! You’re words are beyond kind. I’m glad you have the same feeling about WP that I do. It’s a lovely place full of amazing people. I’m so glad we found each others blogs.
    I just started following your travel blog by the way. Looking forward to that. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for joining on the Turtle’s Journey 🙂 I hope you’ll have a good time!!

      You deserve the sharing, you are such a positive presence on WP 🙂 And I am also very happy we came across each other’s blogs!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Cyranny for including me!!! I am so honored. I’m thankful for your place here at the Cove, and I am excited to check out your travel blog too! Also- I am so glad your day turned up 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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