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If you came to Montréal… (5 part 2)

Ready to finish that walk?

I thought I’d be nice with you and give you a map of our tour…  That way, if you do come to Montréal but don’t wish that I guide you around, you’ll be able to get by on your own. But I really recommend using my services, because, I just can be entertaining, sometimes, hehehe.


The red arrow points where we stopped our visit yesterday… So shall we get going?

First, different views from walking back along the pier…


And a few pictures of Marché Bonsecours. And take my word for it, this place is HUGE.


And the Chapel… of Bonsecours, of course.


Walking away from the St-Lawrence River, we quickly get to one of my favorite places in the whole Montréal area; Place Jacques Cartier – Jacques Cartier Square. It might look like a tourist trap, but it is really fantastic with its restaurants -my favorite place to eat in all Mtl, is Jardin Nelson-, gift shops, caricature stands and all day long street performances. Let’s stroll a bit, so you can make up your own opinion.


Just next to Place Jacques Cartier, we get to Montréal’s City Hall.



I was still enjoying myself, sipping on a fresh mint lemonade, but it was time to walk back to the métro station, because I had other things to do before heading back home…  But before leaving, I couldn’t help but stop in front of one of Montréal’s main bars; Les Deux Pierrots. A sure place to have a good time after a long day of sightseing. You want to mingle with true Monréalers? Drop by, and forget about any curfew…



And off we are… But not before a few more views of good Old Montréal.


Once more, I hope you’ve enjoyed the walk…

Untill next time…

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