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If you came to Montréal… (5)

I told you a few times, that I would bring you to what we call “Le Vieux Port”.

Today, I must have had an air bubble going through the brain. I decided to put on the cute little black summer dress I bought 5 years ago – I am sooo not a dress-girl usually – and go show some legs around. ( See what you do to me? Making me, pretty-up myself for a simple walk, hehehe )

So here it is, I don’t want to get lost in explanations, just enjoy the trip around!

Remember our Métro map? We’re stopping at Place d’Armes Station today – Orange line.



Here’s the view when you get out of the station. Note the La Presse building, on the right, one of the major newspapers in Montréal.



You might have heard about some lady called Céline Dion? Here’s the church where she got married. Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal.



Before getting to “Le Vieux Port”, we have to walk through “Vieux Montréal” the oldest part of the city, and one of the tourists’ favorite spot.  ( I won’t comment every picture, feel free to ask if you have any question)


First stop in the “Vieux Port”, “Centre des Sciences” or Science Center. This building includes an IMAX theater, and several exhibitions, some permanent, some temporary.



Little walk around the docks…


At this point, I thought about Rowena! The food trucks’ area. Unfortunately, most of them were closed at the time I took my walk…


A few activities to do, and the line of mini-stores lodged in containers…


Les Terrasses Bonsecours. A parc where I love to spend some time…


Ok, I realize I took more pictures than I thought…  I guess we’ll finish this walk tomorrow, shall we?

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