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Cyranny’s Jukebox…



I was in the subway this afternoon (the underground train, not the sandwich, just so we’re clear) and I was listening to my IPod (sooooo 2010, now everybody uses their cellphones, just not me! Stop judging!).

I had an idea…

I decided to start a series of posts to introduce you to music from Québec. Québec’s musical scene is very vibrant, and we have tons of nice voices that don’t really make it outside the province, mostly because of the language barrier. Some of them have a carreer in France, or Belgium, but a lot depend only on Québec’s audience.

No long post to read, just a nice song to listen to, and in exchange, I’d appreciate if you left me the link to a song from your country, or just its name and the name of the band/singer so I can check it out!

I think that could be fun… But only if you lovely people participate! Otherwise, it is just me posting music in the Cove.

So, I am cheating for the first Jukebox night at Cyranny’s…  Here are not one but two songs!

This is a cover of the original song from Martine St-Clair. I prefer this smooth version, but the original song was extremely popular when it came out in 1987.


I’ve already posted some of the Soeurs Boulay music (Mappemonde), but I just love the two girls! Simplicity, harmony and a pinch of funk… Voila! Enjoy 🙂


Hoping to listen to your pick soon…

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