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Quiet summer Saturday morning.


When I came across this one, I sat back and thought for a while. And although you can’t sum something as big and complex as love into so little words, I kind of agree.

Love will never be explained by science. At least, I hope not. Nothing’s farter from science than love. And it is great that way. Unexplainable, untamable, uncontrolable.

And that moment when you profess your love for somebody is like asking that person on a daily date, not knowing if he/she’ll meet you at the cross-road each morning.

No way to force them to walk with you, hand in hand, for a while, or forever… No way to take back the confession when it has been made. A leap of faith, hoping to land in your loved one’s arms, safe and sound, instead of the probable crash on the rocks after the downfall.

I have loved many times in my life. And I have been jealous of the kind of people who have a firmer grip on their heart than I do. You know, the kind of people who manage to keep themselves from falling in love. Probably afraid to give someone else that control over their happiness…

But as I grow older, I am glad I always gave my heart the liberty of seeing how unique and lovable some people are… And I am glad I let myself swoon and sigh even when the feelings were (often) going only one way.

Did I get crushed and hurt? Yes, and my good share of times.

But the feeling of longing for another’s arms when you close your eyes at night is so powerful, that I almost pity those who don’t let themselves feel it. And I wouldn’t trade my patched-up heart for an unharmed one for anything in the world…

How about you?

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