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Russian roulette… (2)



She skipped a breath as the hammer hit.

He had taken a step forward as her finger had pulled the trigger for the first time, but seeing that the bullet was still in the gun, he had backed up, now standing exactly where he previously was. If she had been in the mood for a little humor, she would have imagined a duck taped “X” on the floor, where he was to wait, probably to stay in the spotlight.

But she wasn’t, and the spotlight was hers tonight.

And nothing proved he, indeed, was there across the room anyway.

It was about to be her day, going out in a blaze of glory. She hadn’t announced it in the local newspaper, or shouted it public on the church’s forecourt, but it didn’t mean anything less.

I’ve tried everything I could, to make it in your world….

She said, in a breath. And she had. She had played the victim, and she had fought like a tigress, which had made no difference.

But again, she doubted his presence in the room. She wanted to reach out her empty hand, to see if he’d grab it. She so wanted to feel his palm, promising better mornings.

She could always shoot him, and then reload the gun and shoot herself. But she was afraid the first shot would just make him vanish. The confirmation that he was just a fantasy in her mind would make her doubt her rationality  again. And she wanted to go out sane!

He stepped forward, and her hand started shaking subtly. Raising her left arm, she faintly mimed pushing him back, but it only slowed down his steps, still walking towards her…

You can’t do this Vivianne…

She loved when he called her name. And he had that way of punctuating their dialogues, even when they were alone… She loved how he said it with his sexy French accent… Lingering on the “a”… Viviaaanne

The warmth of his voice gave her goose bumps, and he knew exactly how to lower it to make her shiver… He knew what tones to use to make her soul vibrate.

I won’t let you die tonight, Vivianne…

For a split second, she couldn’t help closing her eyes. Just long enough for him to sneak his way across the gap between them, and lock his fingers around her left wrist.

Was it the surprise, had it made her feet touch the ground again? At the feeling of his rough hand on her silky skin, she pulled again…



To be continued…



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