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(late) Nombril de semaine… (6)


I know, I know… I’m late. But I didn’t get any complaint, so I am guessing no one suffered from my postponed sharing…

So here are this week’s suggestions from me to you :


First, Linda’s latest post… Venting some everyday little dramas in a very, hum, colorful way!! Someday we’ll chug some of that Tequila while sitting in the same room, I promise you that!!


This post’s title says it all… It made me laugh a good deal, but left me with a strange after taste of “what if…”

If Your Dad Was In a Porn


I did a lot of portrait photography in my younger years, and even if I have not practiced it much lately, I still like to have a look at others’ work, and I really enjoyed the thinking behind Monika’s BEAUTIFUL pictures…

Is Photography Superficial?


Here’s a very special place for artists to propose posts to contribute to a commun Blog. I really like the idea, and will most likely try to have some of my words posted there…


Ah ah! And you thought I had skipped a chance of talking about Notthedane56, didn’t you?? Nope! And this week, he is presenting a brand new traveling Blog, starting fresh and new on some great adventures… I can’t say where that trip down his inner ear will lead, but I’ll keep you posted, if you haven’t decided to follow him directly in the meanwhile 😉


So go ahead, click and enjoy, spread and/or leave me your own links, and I’ll make sure to visit your Blogs! Don’t forget to “like” when you like, and comment when you have something on your mind… Feedback always feels good, and it is free!!

Bonne semaine!

C xx




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