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Time capsule…


This morning, I watched a short video showing the opening of a time capsule, hidden in the Californian mountains back in 1986…

A letter written by a back then 10 years old girl, on the back of the map used to get to that special place. An old rusty penny, at the bottom of what seems to be a film container… Nothing over exciting if you watch it quickly, like we are used to do in 2016.

But if you stop for a moment, and sit back, it becomes much more interesting… First of all, what hits me is that it is, in fact, a double time capsule! This little girl, has taken a few minutes, 30 years ago, to put down her childish words. Probably not yet aware of time already running fast… 5 years later, this video was taped, as the capsule was found and opened again. I am guessing the then 15 years old girl saw the video in 1991. It must have been a nice souvenir, a piece of childhood given back to the now teenager. Just like the pictures, and other recordings we make of our lives, I bet this video has been stored and forgotten in the nineties… And now, a 40 years old woman is getting a call from the past once again!


The video is short, and quite blurry at times, but who cares? It carries tons of memories, and keeps them alive.

Now, people find their way using their “intelligent” phones, and forgot paper maps… Hand writing is almost obsolete, and there are no more film containers, since all pictures are digital. Hey! In Canada, pennies don’t even exist anymore…

Nice time travelling trip, on a Wednesday morning…


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