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Yesterday night, our Sharp Aquos tv suddenly died. Be reassured, it didn’t suffer the least bit, it didn’t even blink, it just went from working perfectly to not working at all in the blink of an eye…

When chéri came back from work, we attempted reanimation maneuvers, following the good words of other Sharp Aquos tv owners that had gone through similar dramas. There was very little hope to rescue our tv, but we spent about an hour pushing on buttons, unplugging, then plugging back wires, changing the order and the duration of the button pushing and unplugging to make sure we had done everything possible to save the 32 inches wide flat screen.

Around 11 pm, chéri looked to the floor and declared the tv officially dead.

11h05, chéri was online, shopping for a brand new screen. We do have another tv in our bedroom, but it is only about 15 inches wide (don’t write to say 15 inches is not a standard tv screen size, I don’t know anything about tvs whatsoever) meaning that it only is allowed to stand there because it is not broken.

This morning was the first in a long while when I would have slept late… My bed felt abnormally comfortable, the temperature under the covers was absolutely perfect, and I felt like I could catch up on beauty sleep (not that it is effective, but it feels good anyway).

  • Chérie, if you want to go shopping before I leave for work, you have to get up!

If I want to go shopping?

Chéri was waiting by the door, anxious and excited to go get the new tv. So I rushed to clean up a little, get dressed and ready to go screen hunting.

I let him choose the beast. HDMI, HD, Full HD, LED… all things that don’t ring a bell in my head… not that I am not smart enough to understand the electronic blabber, but I just don’t care. Will Mads’ face be clear enough for me to get shivers? Yes? Let’s buy it then!

Now back home, the new Samsung tv (my Samsung cellphone is pretty excited to have some family in da house) is sitting safe in its box, waiting for chéri to come back tonight and be installed in the living room.

It took less than 12 hours from the death of Sharp Aquos to the arrival of Samsung. I think door handles should have a screen of some sort…

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