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Is there a geek in the house?

I need geeky help. Please… Apparently, I wasn’t the only one not eager to come home, last Sunday. Right after getting back to Montreal, my phone refused to charge up. Since then, everytime I plug it in, it gives me a message, saying that humidity has been detected in the charging port. The problem being…… Continue reading Is there a geek in the house?

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Missing my After Eight Moments…

You might have noticed that I have skipped a couple nights of After Eight Moments… It was not intended, and I am actually quite pissed annoyed about it. I take all those pictures with my cell phone. I was convinced that the dang phone was saving them on my memory card. I trusted Samsung, I had…… Continue reading Missing my After Eight Moments…

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Yesterday night, our Sharp Aquos tv suddenly died. Be reassured, it didn’t suffer the least bit, it didn’t even blink, it just went from working perfectly to not working at all in the blink of an eye… When chéri came back from work, we attempted reanimation maneuvers, following the good words of other Sharp Aquos…… Continue reading Priorities