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Is there a geek in the house?

I need geeky help.


Apparently, I wasn’t the only one not eager to come home, last Sunday. Right after getting back to Montreal, my phone refused to charge up.

Since then, everytime I plug it in, it gives me a message, saying that humidity has been detected in the charging port. The problem being that there is no humidity. So I have to send my Samsung for repair, but prior to that, I need to save everything I have on it, because Virgin can’t give me any guarantee, and to be safe, it is recommended that I swipe my phone clear before turning it in for the repair.

My concern is that I have approximately 10% charge left and everybody knows how fast these last percents disappear.

So that’s why I was hoping to find a way to charge my phone wirelessly, to give me a chance to save my stuff, without having the stress of rushing into it. I did buy a (not so) universal charging thingy. But of course, it is not working, and after two days of research, I am starting to think that it is a lost cause.

So if any of you had any idea of a way to charge a Samsung Galaxy A5 wirelessly, please step forward, and let me know!



8 thoughts on “Is there a geek in the house?

    1. True, Tony! Although I really don’t use my phone that often, but it is the keeper of a lot of souvenirs… Hopefully, I’ll find a way to save these before sending the dang machine for repairing… Wish me luck 😉


  1. Hey Cyranny.
    Yikes! Do you have a cloud on your phone like google or Dropbox. I’d save anything you can from it on one of these on the phone. If you can plug it into your computer, it should charge it while this is done.

    My other thought is transferring your stuff from your memory card. If you can put the memory card in another Samsung model (borrow from someone who has an old one etc), that might be a better way to transfer things than from your phone?

    Last thought, as you transfer to your computer, won’t it stay charged enough by the computer to save what’s on your phone? I know my last iPhone (as the battery died) worked enough to do this 🙂 I don’t know if this helps, but hope so.

    Hope you’re well. Is Montreal as hot as Edmonton today? How were your travels?

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    1. Hey there, Mandy 🙂

      Thanks for all the tips! Unfortunately, I am an incredible technology-dummy. Because of that, although I wanted to try it, I have no access to a cloud, so I won’t be able to use it.

      I am considering giving the ”plugging my Samsung to the (old) laptop” tomorrow, but I have doubts because I have a feeling that I’ll get the humidity warning again.

      If that doesn’t work, I’ll try to find the way to transfer as much information on my memory card…

      In any way, with the 10% of charge left, I’ll probably be looking as if I was trying to disarm a ticking bomb blindfolded and with a hand tied to my back 😛

      Other than the Samsung crisis and being back at work, everything is going well here in Montréal, thank you for asking! 🙂 The warmth hasn’t arrived yet, but the weather’s nice and sunny, I can’t complain at all! The last three weeks in Denmark were an absolute blast! I started posting the pictures on (if you’d like to have a look)… Sadly, most of my pictures are on my phone (of course) so I have to postpone the rest of my wanderlust storytelling.

      I hope you are also going well 🙂 Are you following the Cup’s finale, even if the Oilers aren’t playing?

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  2. Whenever I have problems with my lap top…and I panic and end up taking it to a computer store….it’s always a case of them telling me TRY SWITCHING IT OFF AND THEN SWITCHING IT BACK ON AGAIN…THERE YOU GO, IT WORKS NOW 😦


  3. If you can connect it to a PC or laptop you should be able to copy the stuff over and with the screen off it will drain the batter much more slowly.


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