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What is, what could and what should

I wonder if a lot of people give it a thought. A thought about what is, what could and what should. Some might think that only what is matters… That what could and what should aren’t tangible enough, and just confuse the mind for no good reason.

But if what could exists, it must be that what is is just not enough? Then again, what should must imply that what could wouldn’t be the best idea. What could would just be a mind tease, when you know you really should go for what should.

If I did trade what is for what could, I wonder what would fill in the gap… Would what is become what could, or would I find new what could to think about? And if I chose what should, would I just regret not changing for what could instead of being just rational and reasonable?

I am happy with what is, but I kind of wish I added a little of what could and what should… I did have a taste of what could in the past, this explaining that, and I sure tried to arrange my thoughts to get to what should, but it seems to be more difficult than it sounds.

At the end of the day, I always end up with what is, dreaming about what could, and wondering about what should

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