The day we broke WordPress…



For those who would have been reading me on a somewhat regular basis, here is something I should have done a long time ago:


This is the secret about all the Danish Alps, bears, and other nonsense-if-you-haven’t-read-both-our-blogs thingies…

Beeing a pretty-long-posts writer, oneliners are very intriguing people to me… Why aren’t they just on Twitter. I can’t tweet… Only thinking about Twitter gives me a pop up about too many characters involved…

Soooo… Tonight my good liker Notthedane tried to filter words as much as possible and posted the above. I (of course, had to add my pinch of salt – yeah, no… I don’t think the French expression “ajouter son grain de sel” translates that well… anyway..) decided to comment on the almost inexistent post with the shortest answer possible….

And I broke WordPress…

It was bound to happen, with my bad relations with Technology Gods and all… But the year had started on such a sweet note.

Sorry WordPress, I won’t do it again….

3 thoughts on “The day we broke WordPress…

  1. Drop him before he breaks your heart! He is one of those crazy wackos who give blogging a bad name. He’s trouble, I’m telling you. You can’t trust people like that! Remember, I’ve warned you. I’ve dealt with people like him before……

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