On June 1st, 2018, the team that provided WordPress bloggers with the famous Daily Post, ceased their seven years long teamwork.

Many people expressed their disappointment, and how they would miss the daily inspiration. Several bloggers started challenges, to try to fill the gap. One of them is Fandango, and you can find his Fandango’s One Word Challenge on his blog.  Sheryl and Alan Grace have also started a daily prompt of their own! If you know anyone else, hosting a similar challenge, or if you are working on one yourself, please leave me a comment below. I’ll make sure to promote yours aswell!

Dee also expressed the will to start a challenge, and within days, she, KateKristian and I teamed up to provide you with the Word of the Day Challenge.

Everyday, at 7am Eastern time, one of us provides a word to thought-provoke and inspire. The other three reblog the same on our own blogs, so you don’t have to follow all four of us (but you still can, you know? 😉 We’re all very friendly people!) to get all the words in your Reader.

The rules are simple, because there really aren’t any. You just have write a story, an anecdote or a poem, choose a picture, or draw something out, that the Word of the Day inspired you, and link it in, with a pingback. If you need help with pingbacks, click here.

The comments are closed on Word of the Day prompts, but you’ll find the list of all the posts related to the daily word, at the end of the page.

Feel free to either participate everyday, or come by only once in a while. Let yourself be inspired by today’s word, or come to this page to have a look at the previous prompts! There is no expiration date, and you can always add your toughts to any word that gives your fingers a tickle!

And please share, if you want this challenge to grow. As hard as the four of us work on this, the success of this new challenge relies on if you like it, and on mouth to ear.


So here are the Words of the Day so far…


June 2018

*  Flabbergasted  *  Satin  *  Meh  *  Gallivant  *  Integrity  *  Negociate  *  Mellifluous  *  Frazzle  *  Elegant  *  Limerence  *  Crestfallen  *  Affinity  *  Introduce  *

18 thoughts on “#WordoftheDay

      1. Your Reblog button is still not showing for me. I had to copy and paste your post (hence the pingback). Maybe try unchecking and checking it again? WordPress still has quirks 😦

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Dang WP… I took all the options off, and then activated them again, and the button still doesn’t show on my pages. Maybe it is particular to my theme?


      1. geez, I can’t find my theme option now LOL I looked in “my site” and in “customize” and I just can’t find it… it is ridiculous 😛 Can you guide me?


      2. Yes, I’ll try it on an alternative, unactive blog 🙂 It is getting late here, I’ll test it, and I’ll get back to you tomorrow! Thank you so much for your help… It is really appreciated! xx


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