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A taste of paradise… – FFFC

    By far, this was her favorite spot. The sunsets were simply amazing from this rocky peninsula stretching in the middle of the sea. Every evening, she made sure to make her way to her favorite stone, the flat and smooth one right by this awkward tree growing in feet deep of salty waters.…… Continue reading A taste of paradise… – FFFC

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My crazy mind…

People are so serious nowadays… I say nowadays, but it seems to have been that way for a while, since St-Exupéry talked about it in The Little Prince. We could have been good friends St-Exupéry and I. I can imagine spending some time by his place, lying near the fireplace, drawing as he would have…… Continue reading My crazy mind…


Denmark respect!

“The Danish way of life is marked by punctuality, modesty and above all equality” This is a quote from a website I visited, that sums up perfectly the way I see typical Danes. I know that not all Danes are like that, but there is a profound feeling of equality and respect that I’ve felt…… Continue reading Denmark respect!