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What’s the World Wide Wave?

. Two weeks ago, I mentionned that I wanted to create a worldwide positive movement. I kept silent since then, but I worked hard to get it started. And here is the result of my hours of thinking and trying to put things together.I hope you’ll join us, and that you’ll bring your friends and…… Continue reading What’s the World Wide Wave?

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Brainstorm time!

. My dear Lovelies, As previously mentionned in my last Just thinking post, I am on a new mission. I know that it’ll take a lot of time, and a lot of hard work, but if I can inspire at least a tiny tiny movement, it’ll be totally worth it. I have observed, lately more…… Continue reading Brainstorm time!

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  It is not always an easy task, trying to learn how to become a better person. Darkness can be alluring. It can be comfortable and inviting. Happiness is so intangible. Just like coldness is only a lack of warmth, I think happiness is a lack of pain, sorrow and anger. And there is nothing…… Continue reading Positivity…

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Good thoughts… the update :)

  Just a quick update… I wanted to write earlier, but work has been a little crazy, and I didn’t get much time for myself after the two looooong meetings with the big big bosses. Thank you for all the warm thoughts and kind prayers… I knew only good things could come out of keeping…… Continue reading Good thoughts… the update 🙂

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A good thought or two to spare?

  Hello Lovelies… I don’t think I am a very asking person…  I can be a brat with certain people, but it is just some joking around… I believe in the power of good thoughts… I don’t know how it works, but being positive has proven to work miracles at certain points in my life,…… Continue reading A good thought or two to spare?