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I want to be a cat…

Now! I want to be a fluffy ball, to spend my free time on the couch… I want to nap whenever I wish to, to be told I am the cutest everyday, to get away with every silly thing I do… I want to be pet on the belly, but just when it pleases me.…… Continue reading I want to be a cat…

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Mumz! I iz a hovercraft!

  What better time to get the clipper out, and shave my furry beast, right? Chilliest time of year, and just before visiting grand-ma and her own two furballs! Let’s just say I am a cruel mom! But rest assured… I got scratched and hissed at my fair deal, and I gave Freja a good…… Continue reading Mumz! I iz a hovercraft!

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If Mumz do it… I do it too!

  We changed the couch blanket yesterday night. The days are getting colder and colder, and it seemed fit to do so. But taking out the warmer blankie also meant having to share it with Miss Freja. I was minding my own business, reading some stuff on my tablet, when she hopped on the sofa,…… Continue reading If Mumz do it… I do it too!

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What about me, Mumz?

  Freja seemed to be jealous this morning. You talk about everybody on your blogz, but whut about me?? I have to admit, I’ve neglected her addition to The Cove, lately. What can I say, I just don’t want to rely on cuteness 😉   But cute is cute… Can’t argue about that!