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I iz there… MUM!

  Freja came to sit on the sofa the other day. The furball is far from the cuddly kind, and since there had been no treats involved, I figured she had something important to discuss, or just didn’t want me to stretch my legs (the latter being much more likely). Mum… Why you not talk…… Continue reading I iz there… MUM!

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No, no Mum… I iz not sick!

Freja is not a big fan of me. Unless I have food in my hands. Or treats. Or when I clean her litterbox, or fill her water. The rest of the time, I am of almost no interest at all, for the furry ball. I take that back. Asleep-me seems entertaining to her too. But…… Continue reading No, no Mum… I iz not sick!

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I want to be a cat…

Now! I want to be a fluffy ball, to spend my free time on the couch… I want to nap whenever I wish to, to be told I am the cutest everyday, to get away with every silly thing I do… I want to be pet on the belly, but just when it pleases me.…… Continue reading I want to be a cat…