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I iz there… MUM!



Freja came to sit on the sofa the other day. The furball is far from the cuddly kind, and since there had been no treats involved, I figured she had something important to discuss, or just didn’t want me to stretch my legs (the latter being much more likely).

Mum… Why you not talk about me anymeow in your blogz?

I must admit she caught me by surprise. She usually flees the camera, when I try to catch her cuteness (she has her moments…) with my phone or tablet. I had figured she didn’t want me to post about her.

I was obviously wrong.

I asked her what she wanted me to tell you. But all I got was that stare back. I guess that’s what you can expect when you ignore a diva for too long…

Well, at least she didn’t hiss at me!

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