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Don’t mock my intelligence!




Yesterday, before returning home to Montréal, I went shopping with J.

Our usual go-to stores are either the Dollar Store, or, Walmart (AKA Wally, as we call it). Simply because recreational (read therapeutic) shopping shouldn’t endanger your budget.

We always have a great deal of fun going up and down the aisles, looking for good deals for stuff we didn’t actually need.

Yesterday was no exception, and J found packages of fake eggs meant to be decorated for Easter. She grabbed a pack, told me how much fun she’d have with her Big Sis painting them, and threw them in the caddy.

It is only when I was coming back from trying on insanely cheap clothes that she brought my attention to some printed informations on her fake eggs’ package.

As you can see on the above picture, Walmart (or Wally) felt it was necessary to warn any buyer (J) that No cooking is required.


Fake eggs don’t need to be cooked?!?!?!

I do understand that some people just aren’t worth surviving in today’s society, because of their lack of common sense. But…

Come on!

A warning not to cook decorating Easter eggs? Not necessary, if you ask me. Let’s let the Darwin awards nominees melt their Easter decorations.

I can tell the difference between a fake egg and a true one.

If you can’t… Tough luck.

That’s where I draw the line.



6 thoughts on “Don’t mock my intelligence!

  1. My bag of Caeser Salad actually had directions on the back as to how to make it. Put Salad in bowl, Add Toppings, Mix and Eat. Did someone try to mix it in the bag? Duh..”How does this work? it’s not together!’

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