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Awww. Shit.



Today, the latest 250 words microfiction New York City Midnight Challenge was taking place.

Of course, I was in… But it was painful.

What the hell is happening with my inspiration?? I spent all day trying to come out with a 250 words long story. I’m glad I did manage to send out my take on the prompt, but I’m deeply disappointed that it took me a whole day to come up with such a short story.

I think I need a muse. Badly. If you wish to apply for the job, feel free to email me. I am open to any decent candidacy.

3 thoughts on “Awww. Shit.

  1. Hey, mate …. I was in the same competition and thought it was 48 hrs long and not 24 – so you can imagine how well that worked out. Coming up with anything that looks vaguely like a plot is always my biggest stumbling block, but trying to squeeze it into 250 words is tortuous. Rereading my mess this morning I realise that it is even worse than I thought (and I thought it was terrible) – so you are among friends.


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