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No Skypy Friday…



Happy Friday Lovelies!

I just got off from work, and my brain needs a little time to cool down when I log off my office computer. So I hope you’ll understand that I’ll skip tonight’s Skypy Friday. Let me know if you want to try to gather up later this weekend, otherwise I’ll see you again next Friday, as usual!

In the meanwhile, I wish you all a most lovely weekend 🙂

3 thoughts on “No Skypy Friday…

  1. Hi Cyranny. Find a comfy spot that has a glass of wine ( or two ?) attached, and relax. I know those feelings of a brain melt down well.

    Tomorrow I have an all day project to replace a door at home. Tuesday I was going to I replace the weather seal on the back door as it leaked water the last big storm we had. I bought a new seal ($7.95) and started taking the old one off. I noticed some wood rot in one spot so I took the brass kick plates off…the whole bottom of the door was rotten. Called my handyman to take a look. We found the door was a custom size and would be very expensive to replace. We can put a slightly smaller door in for about $900.00. So, tomorrow at 9 AM we’ll get started.

    If anyone wants to chat, let me know. Hopefully it won’t take all day to change it.

    Have a quiet night.


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    1. Hey there Hokey 🙂

      Sorry for the late reply. I did follow your advice and took it easy on Friday night. There were a couple of wine glasses involved LOL. I have a feeling our managers are experiencing on us, to see how far they can go before one of us goes totally nuts. (would you believe me, if I said that the useless in-training guy didn’t get fired yet??) I can’t say that I got much done today, but Chéri and I did enjoy the day off, knowing we both have to work on sunday.

      I hope your handyman found a way to spare you the 900$ bill. 900 bucks?? That’s totally crazy for ONE door.

      Anyway, I might poke you and a couple of our little gang on monday, if you guys would like to have our weekly chat. Otherwise, there’s always next Skypy Friday, because I wouldn’t miss two ones in a row 😉

      *Big hugs*


      1. I’m in. Only thing going is a 10:30 am appointment for Covid and flu boosters.

        I did okay on the door cost. I had a portable generator to sell. My handyman wanted it and we decided on a price. He subtracted his labor from what I was asking and gave me $200.00 cash for the difference. Not bad. Only had to pay for the door itself.


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