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What happens in Italy… – FFFC



Emily was flipping through the pages of her guide when a charming young man walked by her side, suddenly slowing down, taking a look around. Apparently considering two or three coffee shops, he turned left and right, before settling for the table next to hers.

He put his large bag on one of the chairs, and sat.

The stranger wasn’t really Emily’s type, but when his steel blue gaze left the menu for a split second to meet hers, all smiles, she felt her cheeks blushing.

She looked away, pretending to get back to her reading. It really wasn’t like her to flirt around. But he was kind of cute… And she was having a drink, all by herself, on a little terrasse, in Italy.

Raising her glass, she broke the ice.

With this heat, I recommend the aperol spritz… Very refreshing!

And inhibiting, apparently – she thought to herself. He didn’t seem to mind her comment, and the waiter interrupted him, as he was about to lean her way to shake hands.

An aperol spritz, per favore! – The waiter nodded and walked back in. – Hi! I’m Tom.

And I am Emily… Pleasure to meet you, Tom! Would you happen to be Australian?

Tom paused, a little puzzled.

Is my Aussie accent giving me up so easily?

Emily shook her head, giggled and pointed to the flag (poorly) stiched on his massive backpack.

One thing quickly led to another, and before they knew it, Tom had moved to Emily’s table, they were sharing their Italian traveling whereabouts, and bonding over aperol spritz and the fact that they were far away from home.

We were actually thinking about renting a car to drive to Pisa… Would you like to join me?

Tom leaned back, and suddenly, Emily thought she had gone too far.

You keep mentionning ”we” have been there, ”we” have done that… Aren’t you traveling alone?

Emily broke into laughter, realizing that she might have to postpone the trip to Pisa to the next day, and blame both Italian alcohol and her new-found friend Tom for it. Turning to point the coast line, she repressed her laughter, for a moment, to explain herself.

See that big flock of seaguls, pigeons, swans and other birds by the bay?

Tom nodded.

That’s June, also known as my best friend. I had a couple of museums’ visits planned for today, but she preferred to spend about 30 Euros on bread at the bakery, to feed everything that wears feathers, in a 5 miles radius. If you pay the next round, I might consider making you my new best friend.

Tom smiled and waved to the waiter…


Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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