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A little rest…



Fighting the ever tempting numbness of sleeping, Vohne had bravely guarded his lover for hours. He could tell that her dreams were stormy to say the least… She constantly kicked and moaned, but at least she was getting a little rest. After every twist and turn of her fragile silhouette, he delicately readjusted her scarf over her nose, and hugged her a little tighter.

The earth had stopped growling, but the Hell’s hounds were still luring around them, relentlessly. Totally silent, only their brightly shining eyes betrayed them, like as many pairs of fireflies dancing around in the heavy darkness, circling them in a threatening ballet.

Cibelle murmured again in her sleep, and Vohne bent over her body to try to at least keep her warm. But his vision was getting blurrier by the minute, the scarry fireflies now flickering as they kept dancing at mid-air, in such a hypnotizing way…

I need to stay awake. – Vohne whispered, to encourage himself – I have to stay awake!

Morpheus’ arms were tightening slowly but surely around the young man’s body. Stronger than Vohne’s will to protect them at all cost, sleep crept in, and the Hell’s hounds’ shining eyes took a brief pause, now staring at the two snuggled bodies they so wanted to sink their sharp teeth in.

When Cibelle woke up, so did Vohne.

I’m sorry, Love… I didn’t mean to let you down.

A soft giggle answered his appology.

No need to be sorry, I feel like I’ve been resting for days, and you needed that too.

Cibelle pulled Vohne’s face closer to hers, and pressed her lips against his. If they had lived through this, certainly, whatever was destroying their world wasn’t interrested in a gloriless victory.

We probably didn’t sleep for very long anyway – said Vohne – The sun hasn’t risen yet.

Remembering her previous day’s vision, Cibelle looked up at the full moon above them, pensively.

I doubt the sun will rise again, my Love. Not until we fix this.

Vohne had no idea, how hard that would be to actually fix. No idea who they were about to have to fight against. No idea that the Hell’s hounds were nothing compared to their master… And that master was just playing with them, so far.

So far….





8 thoughts on “A little rest…

    1. I’m so glad to see you happy about their comeback, Cheryl 🙂 I’ve been considering getting back to their quest for a while, now. But I was affraid I might be too rusty to do them justice. Surprisingly, their little universe still feels as familiar as it did two years ago (OMG, it feels like just yesterday).

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Gorgeous… It was a long break, and I must say that I was a little worried that people might have forgotten about them. But it was so easy and natural to walk along their fantasy trail again, that it gave me the inspiration to take the tale a step forward. I’m really happy that you enjoyed it 🙂 xxx


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