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Just thinking…



I am a bit confused.

I wonder if I am alone in this. See… I was raised by parents that believed that no matter what you chose to do in life, as long as you worked hard enough, everything would be fine.

That doesn’t seem to be true anymore.

I would never want to underestimate the amount of work that influencers of all kinds and online girls (and boys) selling their charms put into their social media accounts….

But it just doesn’t seem right that people monitizing their butts and boobs, and their weekly unboxings, would get paid more than teachers and doctors, who have studied hard to do jobs absolutely necessary to our society.

And yet, some young women make a fortune out of just making their boobs bounce online (don’t think I’m sexist, some handsome young men do just the same, showing their sexy abbs).

It just blows my mind.

How shallow have we become, as a society… Really?

Isn’t sad?


6 thoughts on “Just thinking…

  1. It’s the entire fabric of our society. Everything is shallow from our politicians who only govern for the next election. Its in our entertainment which moves along in quick segments, slow burning storytelling is history. It’s in the way music is written to hook the listener upfront, if it doesn’t play for 30 seconds you don’t get paid. It’s the very design of social media, like a sugar fix of likes and hearts firing neurons in our brains in patterns that mimic the effects ofbthe most addictive drugs. It’s in the way we buy goods, fast and disposable. Who repairs anything anymore. Hell even dating is swipe right, swipe left you can get much more shallow than that. Gen X, Y, Mellenials, the next generation should be called the ADHD generation or the 30 second generation. So yes it is sad but when you stop to look at how we got here it’s not that surprising.

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  2. Apparently the phenomenon which plagues the folk up to 30s (and maybe beyond) is FOMO….Fear Of Missing Out….Not keeping up with the latest trends, words, fashions etc.
    I suppose it has always been this way in some ways, but the instant media through phones must have increased this.
    Some SF writers of the 60s picked up on this possibilities in several short stories.


  3. I totally agree. But I have never felt that economic income or fame has anything to do with real success. Lots of very wealthy silly people out there who are indulging in luxuries and closing their eyes to what is going on in the world.


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