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C’est en forgeant…



As in the French saying, ”C’est en forgeant qu’on devient forgeron” (Literally meaning ”it is by forging, that you become a black-smith”). We usually use that to mean that you have to work hard to get good at something.

And oh boy, did I understand that saying today.

For my birthday, Little Bro and my parents offered me a day-long class of forging to make myself a brand new Viking-looking knife. That meant enjoying 2 of my favorite things at once… Anything related to Denmark, and… Sharp knives!!

Little Bro and I spent all day working on the project. We got a little discouraged at first, and didn’t give up. I almost lost a finger, but we made it!!

It is late, and I’m too tired to go through the whole experience right now, but let me know if you want to know about it. I have several pictures, and if I don’t die from either covid or tethanos in the coming days, I’d be glad to share that with you all.

Because forging is hard, but it is very rewarding. And it is quite unusal these days, right?

Forging? – Looking at my bucket list – Check!

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