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Junior… – FFFC



Considering the thousand things he would have rather been doing, Doug opened his notebook, and went through the bits and pieces of information gathered along his thorough yet completely futile investigation.

He did love his job, but his editor had always had something against him starting the very day he got hired. Doug had never run out of work, in the three years he had been a journalist at News Now, but he constantly got what he now called the ”wtf assignments”.

Today’s wasn’t an exception.

Doug browsed through his notes, looking for the perfect angle to make his uninterresting news somewhat entertaining.

A message popped up on his laptop, coming from his mother.

He really wanted something to change his mind, but at the same, he knew that he needed to focus on work. The deadline was coming. Soon, way to soon to his liking, so he ignored his mother’s message.

Another notification soon popped up again. Doug ignored it, once more… Thinking mom was probably just bored and feeling like chatting.

One more.

The distraction wasn’t really disturbing. It was more an invitation to put his work aside to attend family issues. And he couldn’t see anything wrong about that.

Doug finally clicked on his mom’s Messenger bubble.

His eyes widdened. He sure wasn’t prepared for this. The last message was actually a picture that obviously wasn’t meant to get to him. Suddenly he wished he had focused on his job at all cost.

Mom, this is Junior… I believe you sent your last messages to me instead of Dad.

Doug knew that baring his Dads’ name had probably been his fault in this qui pro quo. He really wished he wasn’t a ”Junior” at this moment. It would have meant him not having to unsee stuff he had seen.

Oops! Mom replied. And she erased her previous messages.

Too little too late, Junior thought.


Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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