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Call me stubborn…



I had sworn I wouldn’t do it again.

Not that I don’t enjoy the writing challenge, but last time I participated (or at least tried to), I thought I had the whole weekend to complete the task. I hadn’t read the small characters, and it ended up being a 24 hours challenge, and I worked all weekend long on a story I couldn’t even submit.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

And I was very pleased with myself too (before figuring out I was disqualified). As you might know (no worries, if you don’t… I am about to explain.), at the a given date, the people of the NYC Midnight Challenge divide the participants into groups, and provide each group with a genre, an action and a word. And said participants have to come up with a piece of fiction including all three.

I always thought I could deal with any of the genres, except for one. ”Historical fiction”. It just seemed like so much work to imagine a story that pays respect to historical facts. And you probably guessed it, my last assignment was just that.

Against all odds, I did find find an event I knew well enough to install my characters in it, and knit a short story around it all. Unfortunately, the judges never got the ”chance” to read it.

But you can, if you’d like to. Just click here, if you wish so.

So… Yeah. I was quite disappointed, but what can I say? For some reason, I have this crazy goal to make it to the second round. At least once.

I know I’ll never win a ”NYC Midnight Challenge”, but I really, really-really-really want to be able to say that I made it once to the second round. And let’s face it, what are the odds of me getting ”Historical fiction” as a genre, twice in a row, right??

So despite my very bitter memories about the last challenge, I did join in for the next edition, kicking off on April 22nd.

May the Gods of writing challenges be with me.

I just want to get to round two, once. Because yes… I’m dang stubborn.

Game on!

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