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Don’t disappoint me… – FFFC



Let me get us more of these delicious tappas…

The elegant lady waved her flashy ringed hand in the air to get one of the waiters’ attention.

Beth wasn’t used to this level of luxury. The Spanish restaurant/bar had a false casual vibe to it, and it looked like the rich kids at the tables around them were playing pretend to be just average young adults, enjoying a drink after a long day of work.

But she had silently added everything that had been served to them since their arrival, and she was pretty sure she could have paid the current month’s rent with what Priscille had spent on finger food and fancy drinks.

A tall, handsome guy stopped by their table.

Darling, would you bring us one more plate of your mixed signature delicacies? And another glass for my young friend, here… Turning Beth’s way, Their mojitos are to die for, aren’t they?

Beth nodded shyly.

Seriously Hon… I can’t believe you’ve been to L.A. all this time with no one even trying to sign you up. Have you been living under a rock?

The young womand was about to speak up, but Priscille continued.

Robert is going to love you… LOVE you! The industry is changing, Sugar. Everybody’s tired of the tall skinny blondes, you know? Now, big labels are looking for a more innocent ”girl next door” type of models. Of course, it’s a lot of work, and you’ll have to trust us through this… But we can definately make you a star!

Beth tried to add to the conversation, but the woman wasn’t finished.

Let me take a picture… There you go. Cheese! Excellent! Let me text that to Robert right away. Oh, Sweetie, just remind me. You don’t have any family here in California, right? Are you still living all by yourself in that sorry little neighbourhood flat?

Convinced that she couldn’t fit a word in, Beth just shook her head, and nodded again.

Priscille looked at her cell phone and her face brightened up.

Excellent! You’re coming with me then… We’re just about a thirty minutes drive to the airport. Robert will fly us to his mansion in one of his private helicopters. You deserve much better that that rat hole! I have no doubt you’ll soon be one of Robert’s favorite protégées!

The lady seemed more excited than Beth could have, herself. She benefited from her host’s frantic texting to finally speak up.

I just need to make a quick trip to the restroom. I’ll be right back. Thank you so much for everything you’re doing for me!!

Beth stood up, and quickly walked away from the table. Pressing two fingers against her right ear, she murmured…

I hope you copy that, Frank!?

A loud giggle answered her question.

You bet, ”Sweetie”. Great job, kiddo!

Beth kept walking, analizing her situation.

Your team better be ready to track me anywhere they take me, Frank. Otherwise I’ll break free, and come hunting you down.

He welcomed her comment with more laughter.

No worries, Beth. You know how much we worked to frame them. And I so want to brag to the Captain for recruiting a babyface like you. Enjoy the helicopter ride… I’ll be there in person to pick you up, when you land. I might not be not have Richardson’s budget, but I’ll definately own you a meal!

Beth frowned. A tavern treat seemed a little disappointing, knowing how hard she had worked to infiltrate Robert Richardson’s human traffic.

Don’t disappoint me, Frank!



Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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