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Je me souviens…



I wish I could wake up tomorrow morning to find out that what I thought was a news channel, was a very bad reality show all of this time… Then again, isn’t exactly what it is?

I feel for the women, children and elderlies, that are leaving their home country by hundreds of thousands, after saying goodbye to a husband, a father, a son, a brother, that is heading back to fight back the intruder.

I feel for the Ukrainian civilians that are bravely getting armed to defend what’s lawfully theirs, even if just a week prior, they were accountants, lawyers or cooks. I can’t imagine what it must be like to become a soldier overnight, even if their reality has probably prepared them to the eventuality of this happening.

I feel for the Russian citizens, in general. The ones that are still fed distorted truths, and have faith that their government is doing what’s right for them. The ones that see through the veil of lies, and are brave enough to get out and say ”NO!” to their authorities. The young soldiers that were driven to Ukrainian territories after being told that they were going on a simple training…

I also feel for the people of the countries nearby. Because let’s face it, living in Montréal, geographically speaking, I don’t have to worry as much as if our downstairs neighbours were getting excited about conquering new land (in which case, that new land would probably be ours, and we’d become Ukraine – back to the top of my list).

Québec’s official motto is Je me souviens (Meaning ”I remember”). And right now, I think it would benefit everybody around the globe.

I won’t pretend to be wiser, or more knowledgeable than I am. I don’t know all that much about world history, or international politics. But I know a red flag when I see one, and I am kind of tired of hearing people saying there’s no need to worry, because ”Putin’s not completely insane… It is not going to escalade much more than that!”

Again, I don’t have a degree in history, but I bet that back in the mid to late 1930s, people saw a certain Hitler starting his own powertrip, and never thought that he would get where he did. If people had seen the invasion of Western Europe, and the Holocaust coming, no way would they have let him go on.

I’m not saying that Putin will try to push back Russia’s borders in such an extent way, but I just can’t take lightly the semi-subtle threats about eventually using his nuclear toys against anyone standing in his way.

Today, two things really caught my attention in the news. I thought I should mention them, just in case you weren’t aware… Because both left me flabbergasted.

First. Switzerland, broke its legendary official neutrality, to support Ukraine. I mean, they have kept out of all conflicts since 1815. That’s 207 years of minding their own business… I doubt they did it out of boredom. Just saying,

Second. The Talibans spoke up to urge Ukraine and Russia to solve the conflict in peaceful ways. I don’t want to generalize, but I think it is fair to say that in North America, the Talibans aren’t known for their peaceful manners when dealing with their problems. So getting told by the Talibans to behave…


So I stay hopeful, but I have my doubts.

I just wish that we can laugh about it in a couple of years. Thinking back ”Pfewww.. That was a close call, wasn’t it??”

7 thoughts on “Je me souviens…

  1. The journey to where we are now in Ukraine, is a long complex one, at least 500 years old, with more than one nation playing their part.
    We have two factors.
    1. Ukraine wishing to be independent.
    2. Russia’s centuries old suspicion of anything west of The River Dnieper.
    Add to that a leader in Russia and his court who are acting out a replay of one of the more troubled czars.
    And we are here.
    One two things Putin and his court in their hubris forgot to take into account:
    1. The 10 year resistance movement by Ukraine nationalists against the forces of the USSR between 1944 and circa 1954 (although that date is flexible).
    2. This is happen in Europe and has triggered a number of memories, concerns and fears of all those nations West of the River Dnieper.

    As in all wars the supreme tragedy is, it could have been avoided. Considering the social and family ties between the peoples, a more astute Russian government could have achieved its desires by playing a very long game of soft power, even placing Ukraine as its go-between with the West.
    But Czar Vladimir sat in a darkened room and brooded and advisors seeking extra influence or to be the Heir fed into that


    1. Thank you Anne.. I really feel for you, having your son so close to these terrible events. I hope he doesn’t get asked to go defend Ukraine, but I doubt that (for now) as I’ve heard messages from Ukrainians saying that foreign countries shouldn’t get involved (military-wise) because they know that it would probably mean setting things up for a third world war, which they are not wishing for (God bless them).

      I admire that, because I can’t imagine taking a gun and taking my own security in my own hands, trying to keep the rest of the world out of a terrible disaster.

      I’ll send my best thoughts to your son the coming days (and to Ukraine, of course).

      May this come to an end sooner than later!

      Big hugs xx


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