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Little walk…



Tonight, I had to go to the convenience store.

Nothing to get excited about, I’ll give you that. But the weather-lady had been saying how comfortable the temperature was outside all day, and I had to admit, a little walk around the neighbourhood to get some fresh air was tempting.

Us Freezinglanders get used to the sub-zero colds, and as soon as the temperature starts flirting with the freezing point, we quickly drop layers of clothing.

I have to say, I don’t really qualify this year, because of the last two winters spent mostly inside our cozy (and very well heated) apartment. But it made me smile, when, as I was walking towards the convenience store, I spotted a proof that for the hardcore cold-resistent among us, today was not only comfortable, it was warm.

I mean…

Not only was it flip-flop time for at least one of my neighbours… This one obviously decided to go all in and finish their walk around the block barefoot.

Yeah, we’re badasses… But really polite ones, LOL.


P.S. If you are not living in a country that gets a fair amount of snow during the winter… Yes, that flip-flop is resting on snow. But it is spring-snow. The kind that has started to melt, and is mixed with sand and dirt. So, no… Not pretty snow, but snow nonetheless!

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