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Comeback… – FFFC



When she stepped into the bar, she suddenly understood why the doorman had insisted on checking her ID.

At first, she had found it quite flattering, considering that she was well beyond her twenty first birthday. But looking at the crowd already waiting inside, she remembered that she wasn’t exactly part of the target audience.

She paused, to let her eyes adjust to the darkness of the tavern. She was grateful smoking wasn’t allowed anymore (how did people manage to navigate through the smoke in such a dim-lit room back then?), while trying to spot an empty seat.

It was a shame her shift had ended so late that night. She was really hoping to sit right next to the stage, but she’d have to settle with crashing the last chair of an already taken table. She headed to nearest, and asked the three gentlemen if she could sit with them.

Of course, Missy…

She pushed her purse under the table, and before she knew it, a waitress that seemed to have worked there since the day the tavern had first opened, popped over her shoulder to take her order. The lady then disappeared like a ghost, confirming her first impression.

The three men were giggling, and she risked asking what was so funny.

Oh nothing really, Miss. It’s just that it’s a really special night for us. The band playing tonight was quite a big deal, back in the days… It’s such a shame they got in a fight just before they made it big. But you wouldn’t know, being so young.

The ghost waitress showed up again, and put her pint of blond draft on the table. Ignoring the old man’s comment for a couple of seconds, she bent under the table to grab her wallet. She handed the bills to the woman and turned back to the three stooges.

Oh yeah… The Lost Dreams really should have been given more time.

The trio went quiet.

Will is an amazing drummer still… I can’t wait to see him perform. – She added.

The three gentlemen seemed stunned. She took a sip from her glass and put it back on the table. The room suddenly went pitched black.

She whispered, before the crowd went wild.

Will’s my grand’pa… I just had to be here.


Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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