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I’m moving to Denmark (at long last)!!



It’s been a while, since I really wrote about Vikingland…

You might think that it means I lost any interest in my beloved Denmark, and you couldn’t be more wrong. I still love DK dearly, but I must admit that being stuck in Canada with this neverending pandemic… Thinking about my previous visits was a bit depressing, not yet being able to plan a new trip.

But tonight, I was considering starting a little Denmark-related project on TikTok. While doing some research, I came across a video that mentionned that many Danish companies were actively searching for workers abroad, to fill positions all over the country.

I just HAD to check that website out.

Of course, as I suspected, most of the job offers required NASA-level skills, or to be fluent in every language on the planet. Not being a neuro-surgeon myself, and speaking only French and English (and VERY basic Danish… Very very basic), I was a bit disappointed.

Until I spotted a job opening that just might be fit for me! My excitement level went straight from ”I’ll never be good enough for Denmark” to ”Let’s start packing”!

The job offer title was: ”Farmworker needed: Just interested in pigs 🙂 Beginners level, climate”.

Working on a farm? Sure, why not? I can show a LOT of interest in pigs if said pigs are located in Denmark! Beginners level? That’s also cool with me. It means that I don’t have to worry about my very little experience with pigs (let alone Danish pigs). I didn’t really know what to think about ”Climate”, and quite frankly, by then, I didn’t care.

I clicked on the link, and here are a couple of screen shots of the job offer…




First of all, any company that puts smiley faces in their job offers wins points with me. How sweet is that, really? (For the people thinking it could be considered as a lack of professionalism, you are dead inside!!) Surprise surprise! Not only would I be working with animals, but these would be baby pigs! I can already see myself working hard with these 15 happy people, to provide only the best to our dear piglets (whatever that is).

But wait!! What?? I get to have hot chocolate for free, while someone is taking care of my dirty working clothes?? And not only that, I don’t even have to pay for shampoo or soap when I need to take a shower at the end of the day?

Seemed too good to be true.

Let’s continue reading…




What?? On top of my free hot chocolate, I could get free housing, access to a gym, go bowling free of charge? I do wonder what swimstadion actually is, but if it is Danish and doesn’t cost me a dime, I’m willing to try!

Oh, and you can already sign me in for the Danish lessons… I’ve just been dreaming about these for about seven years now.

There had to be a catch!




In Canada, job offerings always have a much longer ”required skills” list, compared to what the company is offering for your services.

Apparently, while I just need to be interested in moving to Denmark (check!), like piglets (check!), and speak English (check!), here’s what I would get in return for my labor (let’s go point by point):


  • Who wouldn’t wish to work with the best colleagues of their field (literally, LOL)?
  • I’m not sure about the ”freedom under responsability, with high ceilings” part, but I do love openminded people!
  • Getting such knowledge would certainly make me an asset for Trina, when she goes on with her project involving pigs and lime pits…
  • Uhhh, I’m okay with that. It only seems fair that I learn stuff about raising baby pigs, since the company will need my beginner’s skills to improve, over time.
  • Well-kept working facilities sure are a +!
  • I’m glad they added ”Excellent staff conditions” because ”Unique staff conditions” could have been misleading.
  • Here’s that swimstadion, again. (?!?) And I must say, none of my Danish friends ever mentionned anything about the interest of Danes for bowling… But if I can bowl and swim for free (amongst other things), all for the better!!
  • Oooh, I had almost forgotten about the ALWAYS, ALLLLWAYS free hot chocolate available, not to mention clean clothes. ALWAYS!
  • Seriously, at this point, I’d be fine sleeping in the barn with the piglets. But if you offer me an apartment, I’ll take it, baby!!


I haven’t told Chéri just yet about us moving to Denmark. I don’t need anyone reasonable to bring sensible arguments to my reflexion, like ”what are we going to do with all of our stuff?” or ”Do you really want to live a 6-hours-flight distance away from your family?” or ”Have you (finally) gone insane?”.

Nope. Tomorrow, I’m translating my résumé in English, and sending it.

And unless, these 15 happy campers (farmers) are heartless, I should get an interview for a job in Denmark pretty soon!

That alone should make up for all the time I spent away from DK.



10 thoughts on “I’m moving to Denmark (at long last)!!

  1. Is this one of those farmstay jobs? I read off quite a few years ago. Foreign workers living on a farm for free board and lodging in return for work? My son was interested in doing that. Instead he went to Denmark as an exchange student. I read some reviews on the farm workers and some liked it and others didn’t. The farmers ( hosts ) differed in quality and conditions – as you would expect. There are loads of foreign students doing it, or there was, prior to Covid. Nevertheless, I wish you lots of luck and as you and I both know, everything is better if you are in Denmark.

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  2. Better check the requirements page again, I think she said if interested you should call! I wouldn’t want you to miss your chance! Heck, if I wasn’t tied down, I’d go with you! Now, I might know a young lady who would love to join you, but I don’t know how close they are to filling all the slots for employees. Good luck!!


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