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Are we running into a brick wall?



Christmas is coming. Coming fast!

I don’t know how things are, where you live, but here in Québec, a lot of people have decided that it would be inhumane to ”scrap” two holiday seasons in a row. Today, our government announced that we would be allowed to have parties with a maximum of twenty people, and that they recommended that unvaccinated people shouldn’t attend said parties. (Hello uneasy conversations with family members that don’t believe in the benefits of getting the shots)

People are happy. Which amuses me greatly because a whole lot of them are going to throw a major tantrum and bacon dance if that permission is taken back in a week or two, because cases might skyrocket.

If (when) that happens, the same people will whine endlessly.. ”But they promised us it would be an almost normal Christmas… I neeeeeed my Christmas parties… I hate you government!!”

But the thing is, that 20 max guest rule is not a promise. And quite honestly, as much as I would love to spend a careless Christmas at my parents’, I highly doubt that will be a reasonable thing to do.

Why is that, you might wonder?

It is quite simple, really… Because of Denmark.

Still puzzled? Let me explain.

Both Denmark and Québec have a total population of about 8 million people. And since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve pretty much followed Vikingland’s numbers with a (roughly) one month difference, in the timing.

At mid October, Denmark had an average of 700 cases per day, and that’s where we were in mid November. Then at the beginning of November, they were at about 1,500 cases. Guess what? That’s what’s were dealing with, right now.

But the scary thing is that to this day cases are still going up in my favorite land, and they’ve reached over 5,000 cases a day, meaning that if the tendency holds up, by the beginning of January, we’ll be there too (keep in mind that so far, our peak was around 2,800 cases).

And that’s not considering the Omicron variant, that could totally change the game.

I really don’t want to be pessimistic, but if I was anybody else in Québec, I wouldn’t buy too big a turkey just yet.

Unless you really, REALLY like turkey leftovers. LOL


10 thoughts on “Are we running into a brick wall?

  1. I watched a segment on the news showing an interview with people all over the country. Not all seemed to be in agreement about whether current restrictions are too much or not enough. But one thing they all had in common was that they said they would do anything – mask up, have another jab, work at home – and/or skip anything – work parties, nights out, travel if it means they can see their family during the hols. So the message came across loud and clear – people don’t want to have to cancel seeing their family again at the last minute like last year.


  2. The future is always unknown with Covid restrictions. We got our 3rd shots/ boosters today and I was happy to see that the clinic was full of people of all ages getting their shots or boosters. I have to remain optimistic but we are not getting a big turkey either.


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