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You’re not fooling me…



December has arrived, and Christmas is on its way…

And I don’t know what that means in your country, but here in Québec, in the comming weeks, front yards and balconies will gradually get decorated with all kinds of festive lights and holiday characters.

I will be re-decorating our Christmas tree this weekend. Yes, ”re”-decorating, because it has been standing in our living room since last year… Did I hear eye-rolling in the back? Let me explain myself.

In December of 2020, I decorated our tree hoping for a family gathering around it, but Covid had other plans for us. The government basically cancelled any celebration, so all our fun was based on the moment I was plugging in the tree.


By January 6th, Chéri asked if I was about to put the tree away.

I enjoy the lights, let’s keep it until Valentine’s Day.

February 14th came, and I still felt like I needed the evening lights.

Can we keep the tree until my birthday? – Early March.

I kept coming with good reasons to keep the Christmas lights on… Easter, Camper’s Christmas, and then, I guess Chéri just gave up. But recently, we went shopping for essential things, and I bought new sets of ornaments (not so essential… Unless you’re dealing with an almost two-years-long pandemic. Wait! Aren’t we doing just that??).

So yes, I’ll be re-decorating this weekend. Hoping to bring a little Holiday spirit for Chéri and I. I’ll take pictures, I promise!

But what does that have to do with the post’s title, you might wonder?

You know my (alleged) serial killer neighbours, right? For the past 11 years, they never cared to decorate their balcony, no matter how many merry lights I hung in our windows. But recently, I caught the above sight.


Do you really think I believe in your sudden Holiday spirit? It was already suspicious that you put up decorations for Halloween, and I pity the parents who let their kids go knock on your door.

You’re not fooling me.

I bet by next week another apartment of your building will be lit up aswell. I take it as a warning. You’re coming for me, right??


3 thoughts on “You’re not fooling me…

  1. LOL I’m cracking up at your suspicion of your neighbors. Also LOVE that be you kept your tree up. I wish that was just a thing always, it makes me so happy!! Plugging the tree in is definitely a highlight of my day too!


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