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Me, Myself and Mom…



I am incredibly lucky, and I know it.

For one thing, I still have both my parents, and that is priceless in itself.

Some of you might remember when I almost lost Dad in 2019. Back then, I wrote quite a lot about about him (and I am still thankful for all the support I got from you, Lovelies!).

Tonight, I thought I’d talk a little about Mom…

To start with, although she had a very good job when she found out she was pregnant with me, it was a no brainer that she would quit it, to raise me, and later Little Bro.

Even if it meant having to struggle on a very tight budget for years… Even if it meant not knowing if she could pick up with her career, when we’d be old enough to take care of ourselves. 

She was all in, from the very beginning.

And because of her love and dedication, I only had to have lunch at school for approximately six months (and that’s counting from kindergarten until college!). And during this half year, she made sure to put a note in my lunch box every day.

When Dad and her attended parent-teacher meetings, I would always find a few words in my notebook, saying how proud of me she was…

She always encouraged me, even when I had the craziest ideas. Just like, when around the age of eight, I wanted to try artistic ice-skating, even is I was overweight. I definately didn’t have the casting silhouette, but it didn’t stop her from coming to the arena every week, and making me feel like I was doing a great job.

Mom filled my little girl’s toolbox with everything she felt I’d need later in life, without imposing her own way of seeing the world. She taught me to be curious and open hearted, she gave me advices instead of lectures.

She was never the type of mother to over-protect me from dangers coming my way. She was wise enough to know that I had to make mistakes, maybe even some she had made herself, because she knew that we learn from being wrong.

But everytime I tripped, she was there to pick me up. Without judgement, just like a mother hen, taking me under her wing whenever needed.

She helped me heal when I was sick, kept the pieces together until I could mend them when I was heart broken, lent me money when I screwed over, and when I suffered from severe depression, she stayed strong, or at least pretended to… So I could lean on her to keep my head above the water.

In two weeks, Mom will turn 70.

And though I am now in my early forties, every anniversary or holiday, I get a flower bouquet or something sweet delivered to my door (and today was no exception, seen the above picture). 

Because, I am still Mom’s little girl.

And I feel really lucky for that.



9 thoughts on “Me, Myself and Mom…

  1. How sweet! You are lucky to have her. I still miss my mom who passed when I was thirty. 45 years ago. I was lucky yesterday to spend time with my daughter and her youngest, 15, yesterday. Great fun and hug times ❤️

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    1. Thank you, Cheryl 🙂 It seems so sad to me that you lost your mother at such a young age… I try not to think about when she’ll leave us, but I am pretty sure that will be a loss that I’ll never completely recover from. I wish you, your children and grand children many years of enjoying eachother’s presence 🙂 That is so very precious! *Big hugs to you* xx


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