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It is this time of the year, again.

When hoping for one last stretch of summer is a little pathetic. There is no more ”leaving the windows open during the night” unless you want to wake up with blue lips. No more barefooted walks on the balcony. No more going out to the convenience store without a little jacket.




But it doesn’t mean that sunsets should be boring…

Mother Nature is nice enough to greet us with great pink shades, almost as an appology for having an affair with Mr Frost. And (not so) secretly planning to bury us under several feet of snow.

But in the meanwhile….




This picture was taken for the nice pink clouds over my neighbourhood. But let’s face it. It’s Wednesday, and you’ve probably noticed the several trash bags on the sidewalk.

My (presumed) serial killer neighbours are still doing their thing. (Whatever that is)

No, I’m not giving up. We’ll catch them, someday!

Stay tuned, Lovelies!

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