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Oh, I hate it…



When people mock my intelligence.

Not that I consider myself to be particularly brilliant, but hey! Apparently, I am well above average. Because you know what they say… Think about the most average person you can imagine, and then remember that half of the population is dumber!

Now, you might wonder why the sudden rant?

The above picture is a shot of our tv… The ad that was playing presents a guy carrying a couch while his friend is sitting on it.

So far, so good.

But if like me, you always spot the small characters written at the bottom of the page (or in this case, bottom of the screen), you’ve probably noticed that the
advertisers felt the need to put the warning ”Ne pas tenter”.

I’ll spare you a detour via Google Translate, it means ”Do not try this.


I mean, as much as I love my downstairs neighbours (not my landlords… More like, my friends living in the U.S.), I would understand the fear of a possible pending lawsuit. But here, in Québec?

Unfortunately, lawyers probably feel like there is a tangible chance that someone out there would try to reproduce the scene, and then sue the egg industry (yes, this is an advertisement for eggs) for their ruined back.

I think that somewhere along the road, we’ve slowly lost something that probably was the key to humans still being on the surface of the planet to this day; natural selection!

Why, oh why, are we working so hard to keep the dumbest of our specie alive? For thousands of years, it has been ok, that only the strongest and the most intelligent would live to reproduce.

Quite honestly, I feel sorry for all the men (and women) that died just because they couldn’t race fast enough to outrun a predator… At least, they probably had the intelligence to flee.

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that we are able to help people born with disabilities to live a fulfilling life.

But if you are stupid enough to think that you can lift your couch, with your bestfriend sitting on it… Go for it!

Please be my guest, but don’t complain about the back pain tomorrow morning!

6 thoughts on “Oh, I hate it…

  1. My first thought —an EGG commercial? I don’t see the correlation 😀. Then I thought it’s the typical example here of people going about taking no precautions, not distancing, not wearing masks and not taking advantage of our health system to get a free vaccine or flu shot. Stupidity reigns


    1. Actually, this series of commercials is based on the fact that the main character (in this example, the man holding the couch) says that the other person is weird for eating eggs in an unconventional way. The other character replies that they are weird (in this case, for not wanting to be helped – in a very silly way).

      But yes, stupidity does seem to reign lately… Sad thing!


  2. the company is afraid of lawsuits so they post the warning on the ads. That way, if they are sued they can say “we warned them” and not be found liable for damages. They are all idiots IMO.

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    1. I understand that… But it still annoys me. I have once seen a warning saying that swallowing a t-shirt (a dang t-shirt!!) ”could” be lethal. If anyone is stupid enough to actually eat a t-shirt, just grant them an entry in the Darwin Awards!

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      1. i once bought a [pair of shoes…the box had the following written on “after wearing, do not lick the soles” talk about Darwin! rofl


  3. I’m going Laurel & Hardy on this one.
    Olly is laid up with gout (a common ploy).
    Stan is ‘doing something to help him’ (another common line) by moving him into the sunlight, slips on an egg yolk (back story) and sends the couch crashing through that window behind just left of centre.
    Exit Olly crying ‘Ohh-oohhh-ohhhhhh!’
    Cut to scene of them both hanging onto opposite ends of the sofa balanced on the window ledge.


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