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Cyranny’s quickie!



If you find a spider in your home… Do you kill it, or catch and release it?



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17 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Mostly, I catch and release. The really big wolf spiders we get here in the fall are a challenge, but killing bugs gives me sad guilt. Except mosquitos. Smack! 😏


  2. If it’s small or smallish, I chase them out of the way, tell them to get about their duty of hunting down flies and other bugs around the house and quit trying to start spinning webs on the kitchen bench.
    The ‘wolfs’ get ‘yoghurt potted’ and placed in the garden and told not to come back in (I’m convinced they don’t listen)


  3. I never spot spiders myself, but when my staff do, I encourage them to either catch and release them or just let them be. I’m not scared of spiders and they’re useful in killing mosquitoes and the like.


  4. I depends on where the spider is. If I see a spider in the bathtub, I usually trail a length of toilet paper so it can climb out. I don’t really mind sharing little spiders in my house. But big spiders that think they can sleep in my bed with me – I have an issue with. So I tend to scoop them up with some kitchen paper and put them outside.

    I w


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