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Paying it forward…

Chéri and I don’t chat. Online, I mean… Which is explained by the fact that aside a couple of rare occasions, we’ve never been more than about 10 meters away from each other for the past fifteen months.

But a couple of times a day, I receive a link, a meme or a picture that he knows will give me a good deal of giggles. He usually hits the bullseye, and I always appreciate the fact that he takes time to light up my day and keep my humor on the sunny side (which is a plus for him too, because, you wouldn’t want to get stuck with Grumpy-Me).

Always? Not exactly…

Today he sent me the following.

I got interested before reading the text, because in 2017, when we visited Oslo, one of the things on my to-do-list was to visit the Munch Museum to see the original painting The Scream. But a misunderstanding led us to the wrong museum, and although we got to see many amazing paintings from the master.

Then I read the joke, and I realized that Chéri had broken me… No matter how I wanted to see The Scream, I couldn’t see anything but that God dang dog and its long ears…

So I decided to pay it forward, and break you too! If I can’t see The Scream anymore, neither should anybody else…



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