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It’s the little things…



It’s really the little things that matter in life. At least, I think so.

We’re going through a humid heat wave, here in Montréal. Not the first one this summer, and certainly not the last either. Yesterday, Chéri expressed the will to sip on a slush (very unsuspected, since neither of us have a sweet tooth).

After a rather longuish shift at work, I jumped into my jeans and a proper t-shirt, and gave Chéri a lame excuse to walk to our convenience store. I blamed my addiction to nicotine, but I had something else in mind…

I did buy cigarettes, and replayed our lotery ticket (who wouldn’t want a chance to own $50,000,000???). But my main buy was that plastic glass full of blue rasberry iced drink. 

I almost ran my way back home, the surprise wouldn’t have been half as cool if all the ice had melt.

For any of you wondering… Chéri appreciated the gesture. And we got to share the coolness to the last drop.

The lesson learnt here being: ”’Listen to people’s little wishes…” 

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